Collect All Must-Have EDC


innovative pen style multi-tool
  • Pop-A-Point Bits

    Flexibly pull and push for bits replacement
  • Marking Icons

    identify size and spec of each bit individually
  • The Window

    discover a required bit inside the pen
  • Magnetic Cap

    Offer protection from stabbing pocket or bag


WRENCHit is successfully funded on   (April 22, 2016)

Tool Pen mini is successfully funded on   (May 22, 2015)

Tool Pen is successfully funded on   (August 14, 2014)

About us

Our brand name mininch is derived from “mini-inch” (the same pronunciation), we aim to make all our products perfectly exquisite & sophisticated in every inch, and every detail.

All mininch key members have great credentials with complimentary expertise in design, marketing, manufacturing, & project management; also won a number of awards including 2013 iF product design award & 2012 Red Dot design concept award. By leveraging everyone's profession & experience, we create good designs for improved lifestyles, moving from concept to production.


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